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What Is The Best Way To Clean My Dryer Ducts?

The joys of new home-ownership often include a few not-so-exciting daily projects, but isn’t it exciting to learn a new skill? The beauty of mundane household projects is that they add up over time to something extraordinary. Keep this in mind as you read today’s blog about the best way to clean your dryer duct. 

Cleaning The Interior Duct

Proper dryer duct maintenance is very important. If dryer ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, the lint and debris could catch fire due to the heat of the air passing through the hose. 

To clean the internal duct of your dryer (the duct attached to the dryer itself), it’s important to have the head of the hose of a vacuum, or shop vac on hand, and a bit of patience. Most lint can be removed quickly using your hands, but some pieces can get stuck in the back of the hose. 

Disconnecting your hose from the dryer to allow for proper maneuvering with your vacuum is a must. From there, it’s a simple matter of patience as the suction goes to work.

Cleaning The Exterior Duct

A lot of people don’t realize there are two parts to the dryer duct cleaning process. 

There is the process of cleaning the duct itself, and there is also the process of cleaning the exterior vent connected to the duct on the outside of your home.

Cleaning the exterior vent is as simple as cleaning the interior duct. It is important to remove your vent from the side of the house while the hose is still detached.

Then it’s a simple matter of using your shop vac, leaf blower, or vacuum hose to remove the lint. Once you are in the clear, you are welcome to put your exterior vent back on. 

Orogold Air Duct Cleaning On Dryer Duct Cleaning

Ignoring the small, simple chores can cause a world of hurt later in life. The same goes for home-ownership. Caring for your dryer duct in your home is highly important to prevent machine breakdown, fires, and clogs. If you are interested in our duct cleaning services in Western Pennsylvania, we’d love to hear from you, contact us online today or call more details.