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Chimney Inspections

Just like your car, appliances or indeed any other part of your home, your chimney requires regular inspections to make sure it’s in good working order. It’s also doubly important for maintaining the safety of your home and property, as a poorly-functioning chimney can lead to costly problems or even property damage due to chimney fires.

Why Do I Need A Chimney Inspection?

As chimneys allow exhaust gasses from your fireplace to exit your home, they accumulate residue over time. This can range from dust, dirt and soot, to more hazardous materials such as creosote – an oily, black and highly flammable substance that can significantly restrict airflow. The result is poor ventilation, a buildup of smoke, and even an increased risk of a terrifying chimney fire.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your chimney in proper working condition by having it inspected at least once a year, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.

Getting a Professional Chimney Inspection

Even if you might be handy with DIY around the house, a chimney inspection is best left to the professionals due to the risk of hazardous substances, dust and dirt and exposure to building materials. Creosote, for example, contains carcinogenic substances that require professional safety equipment to properly eliminate.

A professional chimney sweep works in accordance with the safety principles and procedures outlined by the upper Authorities. They use the appropriate tools, equipment and have the right training to perform a safe and effective chimney inspection. Plus, they have the experience to tell if your chimney is performing as it should – much better than using trial and error to find out by yourself!

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Installers were there the next day and took 2.5 days to install. Thank though Orogold Air Duct Cleaning

Thomas Doti Designation

Orogold Air Duct Cleaning service my unit today and did an outstanding job! Was very informative, took pictures to explain what he did and his recommendations. I highly recommend Orogold Air Duct Cleaning

Elizabeth shwartz Designation

I would highly recommend this service. You will not believe what kind of nasty things are living in your ducts and polluting the air until you get your ducts cleaned and take a look at what comes out! Service from Orgold AC duct cleaning Austin Texas was good, and the work was completed as requested with zero issues.

Aaron Miller Designation

Chimney Sweep Austin Texas is very efficient at each stage from booking to reminding to turning up on time. I'm genuinely amazed with their service and procedure.

Lindsey Baron Designation

Orgold Chimney sweep Austin Texas is genuinely friendly and professional and I had a time booked and the lad had managed to get to me sooner than expected. Expert work experience indeed and will be using them again. Highly recommend.

Kharim Solimani Designation

I was having an issue with my dryer vent not being vented outside of my residence. Not only did the technicians of Orogold Air Auct Cleaning find an earlier opening for my house but they cleaned the ducts and took on going into our crawl space to replace and run the duct properly for the dryer vent. No wonder I'm absolutely satisfied with their work.

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